Social Media for Creative People

Here are my notes (8 pages of them) in both a Word doc and PDF format - choose whichever you prefer - and download as a handy reference guide. The information in this document is a compliation of how-tos, tips, information I've picked up from various sources, as well as fro my own experience. Hopefully some of this info will pay off for you as you traverse the social media channels.


SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS include Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Blogs and more. These are all valuable platforms upon which to promote yourself and your work. Keep in mind that you may not get direct sales through your participation in any of these channels, but letting people know what you’re up to, and what you do, on a social plane, is an important part of building recognition and a meaningful customer base.


Tip: On Facebook - Uploading an image directly from your own computer, along with compelling text, is more likely to be seen by your friends and followers than something you see on Facebook and simply share.


Remember: the objective is to be social, so write a caption to go with your image that is engaging. Invite questions, always respond to comments, and like, comment and share other people's posts.





The three illustrations below are by Geraldine Aikman.

Done in gouache with an overlay of ink, scratched off, on acetate.


all images copyright Aikman Design - Kennebunk, Maine -